Neo Spectra ST LV Kit Intro 5 syringes (low viscosity)


Universal nano-ceramic composite for direct restorations, simplified system, chameleon effect, excellent handling; low viscosity

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The product is based on SphereTEC's advanced granulated filler technology, which is applied under patent. SphereTEC is the process of producing well-defined spherical superstructures containing submicron glass particles at the micron scale. SphereTEC particle morphology, particle size distribution and surface microstructure are part of the recipe for success of this material: unique handling comfort and outstanding aesthetic results.


Exceptional handling

New spherical granule filler technology combined with an optimised resin matrix system results in preferred handling properties:

- easy adaptation to cavity walls

- no sticking to hand instruments

- easy to carve

- retains its shape, does not leak

Simplified layering

The new CLOUD shade concept is designed to achieve colour matching across the entire VITA key colour range using a minimum number of universal shades. The Neo Spectra ST universal material comprises only five moderately translucent CLOUD shades, named A1 to A4.


A1 = VITA A1; B1; C1

A2 = WAIST A2; B2; D2

A3 = WAIST A3; C2; D3; D4

A3.5 = WAISTA3.5; B3; B4; C3

A4 = VITA Shades A4; C4


Presentation: KIT Intro 5 syringes:

5 syringes @ 3g NeoSpectra ST LV (blue): 1 x A1, 1 x A2, 1 x A3, 1 x A3.5, 1 x A4

1 bottle @ 2.5g Prime&Bond Universal adhesive


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