PROTARevo9 KaVo articulator

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KaVo PROTARevo articulators, with their innovative character and optimised functionality, set a new standard in the articulator market.


1. Accuracy

- the success of a dental prosthesis depends on the precision with which it is made

- cost effectiveness

- the possibility of making occlusal corrections more accurately, thanks to the adjustment scale

2. Presentation

- perfect presentation of the prosthetic work in front of the patient

3. Handling

- superior manoeuvrability: it is light (up to 25% lighter than other articulators), has smooth surfaces, and is easy to adjust by hand, without tools

- elegant yet practical design, offering the possibility to work in several positions, ideal for fitting full prostheses


PROTARevo9 characteristics:


1. Sagittal tilt of the condylar side: -10° - 90° (at FH) -25° - 75° (at CE)


2. Bennet Angle: adjustable: 0-30°


3. Sideshift  (Immediate Sideshift) 0-1.5 mm


4. Translation angle - in propulsion - optional 0°

5. Protrusion / Retrosion / Distraction adjustable 0-6 mm / 0-1 mm / 0-6mm

6. Minimal occlusal corrections

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