Apatos Mix hydroxyapatite granules high granulometry


Hydroxyapatite granules of animal origin

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Apatos is a deproteinized product of natural origin (in which the granules are exclusively of mineral component, totally lacking collagen) which, due to its properties similar to mineralized human bone, can be used as an alternative to autogenous bone.


The presence of a natural microporous structure facilitates the formation and infiltration of new bone tissue in the defect area, improving and accelerating the reconstruction process.

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75% sponge bones;

25% cortical bone, deproteinized - decollagenated, in granule form

Clinical applications:  Alveolar filling for bone crest preservation. Preparation of implant sites, bone dehiscences and primary stabilization of post-extraction implants. Augmentation and reconstruction of the alveolar ridge. Filling of defects arising from apical resections, cystectomies and after extraction of impacted teeth.

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The Apatos material should always be hydrated and mixed with a few drops of sterile saline to activate the collagen matrix and increase its adhesive properties; mixing can also be done with drops of the patient's blood. If necessary, the product can be hydrated with the appropriate medication for the type of intervention; the mixture thus obtained is deposited with a spatula or a biomaterial syringe.

Physical properties

GRANULOMETRY: Large: between 1-2mm.

The product is slightly radio-opaque.

PACKAGING: sterile disposable bottles


SIDE EFFECTS: none known

Presentation: 1g bottle

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