GTO Collagenated bone granules and TSV Gel


mixture of collagenated bone granules and thermoactive gel

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GTO Collagenated bone granules and TSV Gel
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GTO Collagenated bone granules and TSV Gel
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Thanks to its innovative composition, TSV Gel from OsteoBiol can ensure the mechanical stability of GTO granules during the grafting process.TSV Gel is thus resorbed quickly and does not influence the natural regeneration process.


At room and body temperature, OsteoBiol TSV Gel is similar to a gel: it does not harden, but keeps its soft consistency, which ensures a stable and sticky mixture with the GTO granules.


The new standard of excellence in biomaterials FEATURES


GTO from OsteoBiol is a heterologous bone grafting material. It is a mixture of collagenated spongy and cortical granules with a particle size between 600 and 1000μm, properly combined with OsteoBiol's TSV Gel, which is a mixture of heterologous type I and type III collagenated gel with polyunsaturated fatty acids and a biocompatible synthetic copolymer diluted in aqueous solution.




~80% granular mix


~20% TSV Gel from OsteoBiol


GTO from OsteoBiol is gradually absorbable and highly bone conductive. Moreover, the preserved collagen matrix in the granules facilitates blood clotting and subsequent invasion of repairing and regenerating cells.

These unique properties allow for an excellent success rate of bone reconstruction, ensuring preservation of graft shape and volume, healthy new bone tissue and therefore successful implant rehabilitation.



GTO is a ready-to-use pre-hydrated biomaterial and can be easily grafted into the damaged area, injected directly from a sterile syringe. In this case, doctors can omit the hydration process with saline or blood, thus saving time and reducing the risk of exposure to pathogens. The presence of OsteoBiol TSV Gel ensures the optimal sticky consistency of the material, which moulds very easily to the walls of the affected cavity and is extremely stable.


 GTO from OsteoBiol contoured and ready to graft in the area of the bone damage. Case Dr. Patrick Palacci, Marseille, France


OsteoBiol's GTO has been designed as a universal biomaterial, easy to shape for any bone defect, in combination with OsteoBiol's Evolution membranes or OsteoBiol's Lamina for graft protection.

Thanks to its sticky consistency, it is mainly indicated for vertical augmentation procedures (e.g. 2-walled defects, when the crest is resorbed) and for alveolar preservation cases, when the buccal plate is compromised.

During sinus lift surgery, OsteoBiol GTO can be applied directly into the bone window, helping to stabilize implants in case of immediate implantation. OsteoBiol GTO can be successfully used to treat periodontal-implant lesions and severe sub-osseous defects.




Tissue origin: heterologous collagenated sponcortical bone composite

Collagenated tissue: preserved

Physical form: prehydrated granules and TSV Gel from OsteoBiol

Composition ~80% granulated mix ~20% TSV Gel from OsteoBiol

Granulometry: 600-1000 μm

Resorption time: approximately 5 months

For further details and clinical cases, please consult the brochure: (click on the link)


Presentation: syringe 0.5cc / 2cc

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