Evolution Fine collagen membrane


Collagenized membranes (pericardium) - thickness 0,3 mm (+/- 0.1mm), 20x20mm, 30 x30mm

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Evolution Fine collagen membrane
Size: 20x20mm
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Evolution Fine collagen membrane
Size: 30x30mm
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Collagenized membrane with increased strength and consistency, obtained from mesenchymal tissue (pericardium) of animal origin.

The structure is made of dense collagen fibres with high consistency and extraordinary strength, which gives the surgeon:

- an average resorption time of 3 months

- maximum adaptability to the bone and epithelial tissue being treated

- easy and safe suturing of surrounding tissues

- the best membrane/bone and membrane/periosteum interface

- stability of the covered graft



The membrane can be cut with sterile scissors to obtain the desired shape and size: it must then be rehydrated with slightly warmed physiological solution. Once the desired plasticity has been achieved, the membrane must be adapted to the recipient site.


N.B.: If the Evolution membrane, for any reason, shows exposed areas (e.g. in the subsequent tear of the flap) it should not be removed: its consistency and plasticity allows a complete per secondam healing of the lesion by epithelialization of the flap.


Clinical applications

Oral surgery and traumatology: 0.3mm (thin) evolution membrane is always recommended for extensive regenerations where there is a risk of exposure.

Implantology: ideal for covering anthrotomies and protecting remaining double-walled defects. In addition to the eutrophic effect, Evolution membranes provide stability to the bone graft as well as long-lasting protection against external agents. Anthrotomy coverage


Graft protection in two remaining wall with immediate simultaneous or delayed implanting

evolution_protejarea_grefei.jpg evolution_protej_grefei_2.jpg

Graft protection in subosseous defects / with soft bone pads

evolution_protej_grefei_3.jpg evolution_protej_grefei_4.jpg

Physical properties

SIZE: thickness 0.3 mm (+/- 0.1mm), 20x20mm, 30x30mm

RESORPTION TIME: on average 3 months

PACKAGING: Sterile disposable blisters


SIDE EFFECTS: none known

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