Prophyflex 3 Perio Kit KaVo


Powder jet subgingival cleaning accessories set

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Set for use with Prophyflex Kavo 3 2018 handpiece for subgingival cleaning

Set contains:

- 3 micro cannulas perio 

- 1 adapter for attaching the perio microcannulae to the Prophyflex handpiece

- key for fixing the microcannula in the adapter

- 1 bottle 20g kavo perio powder (PROPHYflex Perio prophylaxis powder)

- nozzle for adjusting powder output (small diameter)

- 2 powder reservoirs

For subgingival cleaning with air jet, a special, softer and biodegradable powder is recommended: PROPHYflex Perio prophylaxis powder 

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