Smartlite FOCUS Dentsply Light curing lamp


Wireless LED light curing lamp

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Dentsply's SmartLite FOCUS lamp is designed to maximize the success of your restorations. It uses a collimated light beam and homogeneous profile to deliver light energy uniformly to clinically relevant depths, has excellent intraoral access, and is easy and simple to use.


Focus on the essentials:

Reliable light curing

Clinically convenient handling

Permanent availability

Collimated light beam:

SmartLite Focus optics reduce divergence and ensure a homogeneous beam profile.

This ensures the recommended depth of cure for most Dentsply Sirona light-curing restoratives even up to a distance of 8mm.




- Higher power to delve deeper


- reduced risk of uncured resin areas


- reduced risk of secondary caries

Comfortable handling:

SmartLite Focus has a slim, pen-like design with a long rotating tip and one-button control that activates a 20-second light-curing cycle.


+ Excellent intraoral access


+ Easy one-touch handling


+ One mode for direct and indirect restorations

Advantages, benefits:


- head rotation: 330°

- excellent intra-oral control

- no wire, which increases doctor's comfort

- due to its design and low weight, it is easy to handle and very practical


SmartLite Focus is ready to use immediately after purchase, no initial charging required. The SmartLite package with interchangeable battery provides stable energy output even with long storage.


The SmartLite Focus "Smart Recharge" technology checks the status of the curing light battery and initiates the appropriate charging mode:


"Fast Auto Charge Mode" provides a minimum of 5 minutes light curing time after 10 minutes of charging, when the battery is almost empty.


"Standard charge mode" restores full capacity in less than 3h.


"Standby mode" prevents overcharging after reaching maximum capacity

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