"Cobra Conic" quartz fiber dental posts - set 10 posts + drill


set of 10 posts + drill

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"Cobra Conic" quartz fiber dental posts - set 10 posts + drill
Size: 0.7 mm
"Cobra Conic" quartz fiber dental posts - set 10 posts + drill
Size: 0.9 mm
"Cobra Conic" quartz fiber dental posts - set 10 posts + drill
Size: 1.1 mm
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Now, "Cobra Cylindric" posts are made of quartz fiber in an epoxy resin matrix.

The quartz fiber posts are the newest model of dental posts Micro.Medica offers. This type of crystal is the result of many years of research and experimentation, and the use of high purity raw materials and innovative production technology has resulted in a product with unique properties. Through a perfect blend of quartz fiber and epoxy resin, a dental post of exceptional transparency and outstanding mechanical properties has been created.

The rendering process for this kind of  transparency is extremely difficult and complex when epoxy resin is used. This is why many post manufacturers, who do not have the necessary knowledge or technology, avoid them, using instead vinyl or polyester resins, with which they achieve a discrete transparency, but which have significantly lower chemical and mechanical properties than epoxy resin.


Physical properties - comparison epoxy vs vinylester / polyester

The elasticity modulus close to that of dentin makes epoxy resin the most suitable material to achieve a good strength of the reconstruction.


"Cobra Cylindric" posts. The post's body is tapered. The occlusal end is provided with retainers, facilitating the reconstruction of the composite abutment/dental blunt, while saving material.

Presentation: set of 10Cobra Conic posts + one calibrated drill/milling cutter


Length: 16mm

Base diameter/apex:

- 1.20/0.70mm (2% taper)

- 1.40/0.90mm (2% taper)

- 1.60/1.10mm (2% taper)


Glass fiber dental post cementing protocols - instructions

Glass fiber dental post cementing protocols  de cimentare pentru pivotii din fibra de sticla -grafic representation

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