Kavo Estetica E50 dental unit package

KaVo dental unit

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The pictures are for information purposes only, they do not fully reflect the equipment described in the offer. Available in version with doctor's table with hoses "on top" or "on bottom".

Instruments on the doctor's table (maximum 6):

1. multifunctional water/air spray syringe - 3 functions.

2. KaVo MULTIflex LUX 465 LED turbine hose with fibre optic and quick coupling (LED illumination with water flow control and anti-retraction valve)

3. - KL701 electric brushless micromotor with light: speed 100-40000rpm, torque 2,7Ncm, power 45W, vibration-free, advanced micromotor control technology

4. ultrasonic scaler and LED illumination: PIEZO LED with advanced perio and endo functions; with set of 3 scaling tips

KaVolux 540LED scialytic lamp

- Multi-LED night light with unique optical system

- Uniform light field, no shadows

- Natural light

- COMPOsave working mode - filtered light, no risk of pre-polymerisation of composite materials, 8,000 - 15,000 lux

- Touchless control from motion sensor

- Easy handling and locking, perfectly balanced

- Latest LED technology, no ventilation, low energy consumption, lifetime of approx. 15 years!

- Adjustable intensity, 20000 - 40.000 lux

- Adjustable light temperature (white balance): 4000 - 6000 K

HydroClean function - preparation for surgical suction (note: suction pump not included!)

Standard equipped assist element: on swivel arm, with 2 suction hoses, control panel with membrane buttons and direct functions

FREE - included in the standard package:

- membrane control buttons and direct, intuitive functions

- SMARTdrive micromotor control technology = maximum torque without vibration from the lowest revs

- hoses with integrated anti-retraction system

- chip blower function on turbine and micromotor hoses

- standard support for 2 nozzles (includes nozzles)

- silicone holder for instruments on the doctor's element

- patient chair with left armrest

- on model S: instrument arms with 45° locking and maximum extension



The new patient chair

A visible novelty. Clearly more comfortable.

1. Armchair with fluid design

2. Upholstery optimised for comfort

3. New colours available: cognac and marsala red

4. All components painted in a modern white

5. Maximum patient weight of 185 kg

6. Integrated Trendelenburg movement for patient comfort

7. Extended minimum/maximum positions

Always within reach

Doctor's table is easy to position where you need it

Set and operate the machine functions easily and intuitively thanks to the display and direct control buttons. As soon as you take an instrument off the table, relevant information about its operation appears on the display.

MEMOdent allows you to store the preferences of the doctors in the clinic for each instrument - 3 programming levels and up to 6 doctors



- hoses with maximum extension of 90cm!

- doctor's table with a height of only 45cm

- perfectly balanced arm


KL701 micromotor

Experience the benefits of a classic brushless micromotor with light.

Speeds from 100 to 40,000 rpm. Lightweight, compact, perfectly distributed weight.

Thanks to SMARTdrive control technology the motor benefits from maximum torque and zero vibration even at the lowest revs.


Fotoliu pacientului: relaxare pura

Asigurati pacientului un mediu prietenos si placut.

Noul design al fotoliului vorbeste de la sine. Cu cat pacientul se simte mai confortabil in fotoliu, cu atat va tinde sa se miste mai putin.

Noul fotoliu a fost conceput special pentru confort. Motorul este extra silentios, are 4 pozitii programabile, tetiera dublu articulata, pozitie 0, pozitie de clatire si pozitie de lucru, tapiterie moale cu spatar

Progress, greutate maxima pacient 185 Kg, miscare sincronizata Trendelemburg (miscarea sezutului sincronizata cu cea a spatarului)

Inaltimea fotoliului in momentul in care acesta este coborat 350 mm si 830 mm in momentul in care fotoliul este ridicat


Multifunctional pedal: foot control for all instruments, variable speed on micromotors and turbines and intensity on scaling, spray on/off, air jet on dynamic instruments on/off, micromotor speed switch forward/reverse, armchair position change.

The assistant has everything under control

Enjoy smooth cooperation with your assistant.

The operator flow is supported by the assistant features:

- individually positionable thanks to the swivel arm

- saliva suction hoses

- membrane control panel with buttons with direct functions for changing the position of the chair, sink flap, etc.


Hydro group:

- manual swivel sink in porcelain or glass, with automatic rinse and drain control, rotatable and removable for sterilization purposes

- compressed air filter with automatic separator for steam

- HydroClean - system to prevent biofilm build-up on the unit's internal hoses

- Preparation for surgical wet suction pump (does not include wet suction pump)

- DVGW compatible water block

Hygiene made simple

In the tradition of KaVo units, hygiene is easy and efficient

The main external components (silicone masks, instrument holders, spittoon bowl) can be easily removed for cleaning and disinfection.

HydroClean function is standard: a clean water rinsing system to prevent biofilm build-up on the unit's internal hoses and suction system.

Instrument hoses are fitted with automatic anti-shrinkage valves to protect internal water paths from contamination and cross-contamination.

Staff and patients can feel safe


Upholstery colours:



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