Kavo Estetica E70 dental unit (silent chair)

KaVo dental unit

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The pictures are for information purposes only, they do not fully reflect the equipment described in the offer.

Doctor's table with maximum 6 modules, with the following equipment:

1. air-water syringe with 6 functions

2. hose for the Kavo Multiflex LUX 465LED fibre optic turbine and quick coupling

3. micro motor INTRA LUX KL 703 LED motor with fibre optics, brushless, speed 100-40.000rpm, torque 2,7 Ncm, intramatic, SMARTdrive INFORM

4. ultrasonic scaling with PIEZOled Ultrasonic light (oscillations between 50-70 µm), set with 3 scaling tips and key

Doctor's table with control panel with LCD display and touch screen

- A new concept for quick and direct access to important unit and instrument functions

- Direct, intuitive controls following operator logic

- Individually configurable

- Functions for adjusting chair position control, storing working parameters for users

- Complex instrument control functions: minimum/maximum speed, exact speed, real time speed display, micro motor forward/reverse switching, adjustment of the brightness of the scialytic lamp and instrument brightness, light intensity

- Cup fill function, sink rinse, clock and timer/timer,

- Intensive, continuous and permanent sanitizing and disinfection functions

- Endo functions included: three working modes, torque control, configurable, editable and saveable parameters

- Optional (extra cost): surgical functions, micromotor integration with physiodispenser, One-Touch calibration, programming, torque control, integrated compact saline pump, maximum 80Ncm

- Pneumatic brake activated by the sensor in the table handle

- USB interface for software update and service

- Heated water in the instrument spray

- SMARTdrive control system for micromotors: maximum torque and zero vibration from the lowest rpm

- Waste container holder

- Stainless steel tray set


Patient's chair

1. Chair is suspended

2. Integrated Trendelenburg movement for patient comfort

3. The seat width is adjustable between 350 and 900 mm to ensure comfortable working both standing and sitting.

4. The backrest can be tilted motorised up to 70°.

5. Patient height detection for automatic assistance in the reclining position

6. 4 programmable positions

7. Emergency stop at the base of the seat

8. Comfort backrest adjustable up to 60mm by gas piston for optimal patient height adjustment,

9. Adjustable shoulder support

10. Double articulating headrest

11. Left-right armrests


Multifunctional pedal:


- Foot control for all instruments

- Speed and intensity - Spray on/off

- Chip blower - air jet on/off dynamic instruments

- Micromotor forward/reverse speed switching, armchair position change. (Optional : wireless pedal)

Assistant's element: 


- Memodent control element for sink and chair (sink and chair functions)

- Buttons with straightforward and intuitive functions: change chair position, sink rinse, glass fill, seat lamp activation, timer.

- Mounted on an arm with very easy and flexible positioning: vertical, sideways rotation with extended stroke

- Saliva suction hose

- Large volume suction hose

The hydro group contains:

- Sink with automatic electronic control for emptying and draining, rotating and removable for thermal sterilization.

- Compressed air filter with automatic condensate separator

- HydroClean - rinsing system to prevent biofilm build-up on the unit's internal hoses

- DVGW compatible water block

- AquaMat - system for disinfection of suction hoses

- DEKAmat - automatic disinfection of suction circuits


KaVo 540 LUX LED scialytic lamp

- Multi-LED night light with unique optical system

- Uniform, shadow-free light field

- Natural light

- COMPOsave working mode

- filtered light, no risk of pre-polymerisation of composite materials, 8,000 - 15,000 lux

- Touchless control from motion sensor

- Easy handling and locking, perfectly balanced

- Latest LED technology, no ventilation, low energy consumption, lifetime of approx. 15 years!

- Adjustable intensity, 20000 - 40.000 lux

- Adjustable light temperature (white balance): 4000 - 6000 K

FREE - included in the standard package

- Doctor's table with LCD control panel and touch screen

- SMARTdrive micromotor control technology

- hoses with integrated anti-shrinkage system

- chip blower function on turbines and micromotors - with instrument off 

- hot water in the spray of instruments



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