Universal Primer A&B Adhesive


Universal, 7th generation self-etching, dual cure, adhesive system

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The Universal Primer adhesive system saves you from the risks of restoration mismatch due to the thickness of the adhesive layer. Therefore, there is no need to light cure this adhesive, as it has dual cure.


Suitable for:


- indirect restorations, crown cements, onlays, inlays, posts, etc.


- direct restorations: composite resin fillings and dental abutment restorations


The Universal Primers adhesive system combines ease of use with the absence of risk of developing post-operative sensitivity.




Compatible with any resin cementing system, dual, self and photo cure, only.


Unique benefits:


- curing by choice: photo or auto


- compatible with any composite resin with photo, auto, dual cure


- flexible and permissive as technique: total etching, selective etching or self-etching


- easy to use


- no postoperative sensitivity


- low layer thickness: less than 5 microns


Presentation: Set of bottles: Primer A 6ml + Primer B 6ml

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