LuxaBond Total Etch Intro Kit


universal, IVth generation dual-cure adhesive system

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LuxaBond Total Etch is a universal, 4th generation, total etch, dual cure adhesive system indicated for direct (composite resin fillings) and indirect (adhesive cementation of posts, crowns, veneers, inlays, etc.) applications.

With its dual cure, it is ideal for situations where the adhesive cannot light cure, especially in adhesive post cementation.

LuxaBond Total Etch is the adhesive of choice for veneer cements and restorations made with LuxaCore Z-dual and for veneer/crown/bridge cements made with Vitique or PermaCem.

The pre-bonding agent that facilitates superior adhesion is applied after separate-stage etching of enamel and dentin.

This step ensures that the adhesive system (consisting of components A and B) hardens quickly after application. This results in the presence of a base layer just before the application of the restorative material/cement. For easy handling, the order of application is specified on the bottles.


- 5ml Pre-Bond bottle

- 5ml Bond A bottle

- 5ml Bond B bottle

- syringe 2ml etching gel

- accessories

Data sheet

Etching technique
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