Prime & Bond Universal 4ml


Universal adhesive with patented Active-Guard technology

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Prime & Bond universal offers:

- All methods of demineralization, all indications for more versatility.

- Active hydration control

- Active diffusion

- Reduced layer thickness

- Active tube penetration

- HEMA-free, BPA-free


Selective enamel demineralisation

- ideal for Class II restorations. It achieves high bond strength in dentin, a tight seal at the enamel margin and minimal exposure to demineralisation.

Prime&Bond Universal provides active control and consistent results

- for virtually no post-operative sensitivity

Active diffusion in the cavity

Complete coverage

Inherent surface tension prevents easy diffusion of other adhesives onto tooth surfaces.

Dry portions that remain uncovered by adhesive can weaken the restoration and lead to post-operative sensitivity and microleakage.

Prime&Bond Universal is designed to actively diffuse minimising the risk of accidentally leaving dry areas.

Reduced active layer uniformity

Viscous adhesives may have a tendency to "puddle" in the corners of the proximal cavities of Class II restorations. These "blebs" of adhesive may appear on radiographs as translucent areas, which can easily be misdiagnosed as missing material or secondary caries, leading to unnecessary replacement of restorations.

Viscous adhesives can also change the geometry of the crown preparation, impacting the crown fit.

Prime&Bond Universal is self-levelling to actively create a thin and uniform layer of adhesive.


Active hydration control too wet or too dry !

Most adhesives are relatively hydrophobic, tending to separate from water.

With too much water present on the prepared surface, the adhesive cannot achieve uniform coverage, leaving gaps that could weaken adhesion and cause post-operative sensitivity to develop.

On the other hand, if the dentin is excessively dry, the collagen fibres may "collapse" and prevent effective sealing.

Prime&Bond Universal overcomes the surface tension of water and diffuses onto the dentin and into the dentinal tubules to form a thin, homogeneous layer.

When air drying, the solvent and water evaporate together quickly, leaving a consistent layer of adhesive over the entire surface to ensure a strong bond.


Active benefit

Comfort and control

- One-hand opening lid

- Precise release for minimum waste and mess

- Low viscosity for easy application

- Working time up to 30 minutes in a closed CliXdish, reducing waste when sealing multiple cavities



standard refill - 4ml bottle

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