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Clearfil SE Protect Kit


Self-etching bonding adhesive with anti-bacterial effect, light-curing, universal

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+ prevents postoperative tenderness


+ has antibacterial effect


+ prevents the appearance of secondary caries


+ increased bond strength to enamel and dentin


+ bonding contains sodium fluoride (NaF), which releases fluoride


+ also contains Kuraray's patented MDP monomer


- direct restorations with light-curing composite resins or composites

- cavity sealing as a pre-treatment for indirect restorations

- treatment of sensitive teeth and/or exposed root surfaces

- intraoral repair of fractured crowns/ fractured bridges in ceramic or composite resins

- surface treatment of prosthetic parts made of ceramic or composite resins

- restorations made of composite resins with photo or dual bonding

- cavity sealing for amalgam restorations


Antibacterial cavity cleaning effect from MDPB

Studies show that the risk of bacteria remaining in a cavity tends to increase with each minimal intervention on the cavities. Many doctors use cavity cleaning products to counteract this trend. CLEARFIL SE Protect contains a new functional monomer MDPB, which exhibits an "antibacterial cavity cleaning effect". The antimicrobial effect with CLEARFIL SE Protect is greater than with current cavity cleaning products and is biologically safe because MDPB is fixed and will not leak after curing. In addition, with CLEARFIL SE Protect you save costs and time by eliminating additional steps.

Fluoride release

CLEARFIL SE Protect contains a proprietary, specially treated sodium fluoride (NaF); the NaF in CLEARFIL SE Protect is coated with a unique polymer that allows the release of NaF while the physical properties of the bond coat and strength are maintained.

Virtually no postoperative tenderness

Postoperative sensitivity evaluation studies of CLEARFIL SE Protect reported that no postoperative sensitivity was experienced during the 1-year and 6-week evaluation period.

Superior strength and durability

Tensile strength test results show that CLEARFIL SE Protect offers clear advantages in terms of adhesion strength and durability

Basic procedures:


kit: 1 bottle primer 6 ml, 1 bottle adhesive 5ml, accessories

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