OptiBond eXTRa Universal kit


Bi-component light-curing, self-etching universal adhesive system

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OptiBond eXTRa Universal is KaVo Kerr's new adhesive system with unique Smart pH technology, patented GPDM monomer-enriched formula and ternary solvent system.


- Outstanding compatibility with virtually all types of cements, composites and bonding materials without the need for auxiliary products

- Easy and consistent two-bottle protocol suitable for any demineralisation technique

- Perfect reliability thanks to OptiBond technology, known as the "Gold Standard" in terms of adhesion




- Consistent and simple

You rely on one protocol for all indications: whether direct or indirect, with any type of resin, OptiBond eXTRa Universal delivers outstanding and predictable results.


- Strong and durable

OptiBond eXTRa Universal provides an effective dual action on both the tooth structure and the restorative material, resulting in efficient bond strength and durability on any type of substrate the patient presents. The result is clear quality every time.


- Smart

Reduce material requirements by choosing one adhesive system for all treatments and techniques. With OptiBond eXTRa Universal you have the flexibility to choose your preferred demineralisation technique without the worry of ancillary products.


- Aesthetic

The very thin and at the same time uniform thickness of the film offers formidable aesthetic results as well as an important advantage for the application of indirect restorations.


- SafeThe patented OptiBond technology provides excellent penetration into the dentinal canaliculi, protecting against micro-cursions and post-operative sensitivity. The best technology for a superior eXTR adhesionPerformance backed by evidence:Proven OptiBond OptiBond eXTRa Universal technology performs remarkably well, providing superior bond strength to both dentin and enamel over its main competitors*. This provides a consistent result for a variety of demineralisation techniques and substrates.


Efficient filling and sealing action

The primer component is intensely acidic and hydrophilic, with a unique nanodemineralising capacity and remarkable penetration into dentinal canals. The adhesive component is hydrophobic, providing efficient polymerisation, which increases mechanical strength, bond durability and marginal integrity.


Imperceptible film thickness

The unique formula has a low inorganic filler (only 15%), resulting in a film invisible to the naked eye. The result is highly aesthetic without in any way affecting strength.



Kit contains: primer - 5ml bottle, universal adhesive - 5ml bottle, 100 applicators.


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