Silagum Comfort Intro Kit


resilient lining material for prostheses 

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Silagum Comfort is an addition silicone for coating total and partial prostheses and those supported by dental implants.

Silagum Comfort is your permanently soft VPS-based underfilling material for total, partial and implant-anchored prostheses. Its outstanding advantages: The methyl methacrylate-free material provides reliable bonding with all commercially available prosthetic materials and outstanding tear resistance. In addition, Silagum Comfort is odourless and tasteless, well tolerated by the patient, and, thanks to its excellent shade stability, highly aesthetic.


Silagum-Comfort Intro Kit:

- 1 cartridge x 25ml Silagum-Comfort

- applicator gun  25ml 1:1

- 5 applicator tips

- 2 flasks @ 10 ml Varnish

- 1 flask Primer

- 25 brushes

- 1 chuck

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