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Acid Etch-37 bulk 5g syringe


Demineralising acid in semi-gel form (phosphoric acid 37%)

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Phosphoric acid semi-gel 37% - quickly demineralises dentin and enamel.


The thickening agent is polymeric.

 Contains no silicone dioxide, which shortens the rinsing time to just a few seconds and significantly improves adhesion to the tooth surface. Due to the resin-based (silica-free) chemical formula, it does not harden over time and does not deposit on syringe walls. Washes off dental surfaces without leaving residue.

 Therefore, adhesion to the tooth surface is significantly improved.

 Handling is improved due to the thixotropic properties - the gel is easy to apply under syringe pressure, but does not run off the surfaces to which it is applied.

 Probably the only enamel etching acid with super fast cleaning in just 5 seconds!


Presentation: 5g bulk syringe




 The image is for general information only, the price shown is for one bulk syringe.

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