Ecosite Elements Highlight syringe 2g


universal aesthetic; curing nanohybrid composite, fluid, for direct restorations

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Ecosite Elements Highlight syringe 2g
Colour: BROWN
220819 192.3 RON
Ecosite Elements Highlight syringe 2g
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Ecosite Elements Highlight syringe 2g
Colour: OPAQUE A2
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Ecosite Elements Highlight syringe 2g
Colour: WHITE
220818 192.3 RON
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Intuitive, aesthetic and reliable.

Designed precisely and absolutely practically.

For superb results. Every day.

- 98% of all typical single-material treatments

- Intuitive and reliable shade concept

- Exceptional handling for maximum safety and precision

Intelligent shade system

Exact engineering

Experience even more the art of getting recognized solutions - Ecosite Elements, with its concept of intuitive shades, has everything you need for impressive results. Its secret is the intelligent combination of shades, using a maximum of three modules. Allows natural aesthetic restorations with any working technique.

Intuitive, absolutely practical and at the same time surprisingly efficient. Maximum variety of combinations and extremely fast polishing - the shades, divided into three modules, are easy to combine to create amazing results. Depending on the requirements, you can quickly find exactly what you are looking for for your work in the anterior and posterior regions. And, thanks to the thin layer of Highlight shades, you can easily recreate the individual character of each tooth. For natural, convincing restorations.

PURE: Five VITA shades - Pure shades as a natural looking substitute for dentin or enamel


Four shades of enamel - Layer for enamel replacement or for stratification technique in combination with Pure shades



Four special shades - Highlight shades for individualization and masking discoloration 



Layout guide

Exceptional handling due to NC1 technology

Thanks to the innovative NC1 technology ( » nonclustering « ), this nano-hybrid composite meets all the requirements for daily work. Its mechanical values are at the highest level and fit perfectly for the anterior and posterior region. With precise salinization of individual ultrafine fillers, NC1 technology allows an extremely homogeneous distribution, which results in optimal work characteristics, maximum gloss and bright results.

Due to the Push-and-Flow effect, the material adapts to the particular requirements of individual situations. The initial firm consistency quickly becomes softer during modelling. The material can be safely adapted to the walls of the cavity, anatomical details can be accurately reproduced.


>> Ecosite Elements - Magnifying 2000

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Presentation: 2g syringe

Available shades: HIGHLIGHT: INC (Incisal), OA2 (Opaque A2), W (White), B (Brown)

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