Neo Spectra ST Flow Intro Kit 5 syringes


Light-curing fluid composite for durable aesthetic restorations

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The kit contains:

5 syringes Neo Spectra ST Flow @ 1.8g, grades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4

Prime &Bond Universal Adhesive 2.5ml bottle


Thanks to Dentsply's unique SphereTEC technology, Neo Spectra ST Flow fluid composite offers more than any other fluid composite, procedure simplification and versatility.

Simplified shade

With a system of only 5 shades, the product covers the entire Vita range, structured in 16 shades, thanks to the chameleon effect.

Optimised manoeuvrability

From start to finish, you'll enjoy the versatility of a material that stays in place until you start stretching it as needed.

Durable aesthetics

Thanks to SphereTEC technology, Neo Spectra Flow is a dye-resistant material, such as those found in coffee, tea or red wine. You'll also get a superior, highly aesthetic polish and shine every time.

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Light-curing fluid composite for durable aesthetic restorations

Neo Spectra ST Flow 2 x 1,8g syringes

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