Activa Pronto 1,2 ml (2g) bulk syringe


Universal light-curing composite with regenerative properties

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Activa Pronto 1,2 ml (2g) bulk syringe
Colour: A1
VNF1A1-E 101 RON
Activa Pronto 1,2 ml (2g) bulk syringe
Colour: A2
VNF1A2-E 101 RON
Activa Pronto 1,2 ml (2g) bulk syringe
Colour: A3
VNF1A3-E 121 RON
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Activa Pronto is a durable, easy-to-use, light-curing, wear and crack resistant composite.

It can be applied by injection, without the risk of uncontrolled or undesirable leakage or flow. Apply with confidence: it simply stays in place!

Activa Pronto releases and recharges the tooth with calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions in the same way as the existing version: Activa Restorative. Basically it has a restorative and regenerative effect, lowering the risk of secondary decay and thus prolonging the life of the tooth and restoration.


The magic is in the resin:


Highly aesthetic, light-curing material for direct fillings, successfully replacing missing tooth substance: dentin or enamel.

Naturally mimics the physical and chemical properties of teeth thanks to the patented shock-dissipating resin matrix with added rubber and bioactive materials

Absorbs stresses and is resistant to wear, cracking and chipping, even in thin areas on the edges

Activa Pronto offers:


compression resistance: 314 MPa ± 8 MPa

tension resistance: 53 MPa ± 2 MPa

breaking resistance: 0,8 mm

polymerisation shrinkage: 2.3%

The patented hydrophilic resin facilitates the diffusion of bioavailable calcium, phosphate and fluoride ions, which thus integrate with the tooth structure.


After application of the material, e.g. shade A2, the material may appear slightly lighter, however, when the material is exposed, it darkens in shade - soon reaching the desired shade in the Vita key.

The fluidity is optimal, it stays in place and does not run.

Being a light-curing material, be careful with the intensity of the working lamp, especially if it is LED and very strong - adjust the intensity to prevent premature curing and hardening of the composite at an unwanted time.

Controlled water absorption (slightly higher than other composites) mimics nature, facilitating ion exchange.

The low water solubility of 0.08% is advantageous compared to other composites, ensuring durability and longevity of the material.


Closer to nature and friendlier to the human body: this product is Bis-GMA free, Bisphenol A free, BPA derivative free.


Clinical advantages:

A unique composite that retains its shape after application, does not leak, giving the operator time for precise application strong, durable, does not succumb to wear and cracking, universal, versatile composite for all cavity classes, highly radio-opaque 250%

easy to apply due to the presentation form: 1.2ml syringes

Can be light-cured in layers of: up to 2.6 mm

Recommended curing time: 20 sec

Presentation: bulk syringe of 1.2 ml (2g)

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