Embrace Varnish - single-dose


varnish for treating sensitive teeth with fluoride release

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Embrace Varnish is a clear varnish with fluoride, calcium and phosphates for restoring non-carious enamel surface lesions The application procedure is extremely simple, the varnish is applied in a thin layer on the teeth with the brush in the envelope.


Unique Pulpdent technology:


Calcium and phosphate salts are coated with xylitol, which ensures the material is stable, practically does not separate during transport and does not need to be mixed before application.

When applied intraorally, saliva dissolves the xylitol and calcium and phosphate ions are released. These react continuously via saliva with fluoride ions to form fluorapatite on the teeth.

Embrace varnish is evenly applied to the teeth in a thin layer, does not stick to the cheeks, dries quickly, is smooth, does not "clump", adheres very well to the teeth thanks to Embrace technology.


Presentation: 0.4ml single-dose

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