Suspension body, sink and glass countertop, Focus furniture with mobile table

Furniture for your dental practice

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The set includes:

- 1 sink unit merged into the countertop, single-handle clinical battery, soap dispenser on the countertop, bin

- 1 5 drawer fixed unit, 3xA 1xB 1xC

- 1 door unit and 1 internal shelf 

- 1 mobile table, 6 drawers 4xA 2xB and coloured-glass countertop, width 15mm, which is not equipped with extra storage space under the main countertop 

- 1 suspension body L1000 with gliding doors of secured, acidified glass, 6mm 2 internal shelves made of glass, height-adjustable; single-use cup holders are implemented on the left side of this cabinet and a holder for gloves.

The coloured glass countertop has a width of 15mm,a H65-130mm merged plinth and a merged sink.

The price is applicable for LAG float-based standard colours; for LEG extra transparency-based colours, an additional +15% to the initial price is applied.

All drawers are equipped with handles, different models of trays made from atoxic pst and cushioned closing system.

 RAL9010 white, standard colour, structure and fronting.

The unit base is dark yellow  RAL1018M.

Size : 1540 x 500 x 859 mm

Should the standard white RAL9010 be preferred for the base of the units, as a structure, the price is lower.

The handles can be chosen from the Astra Collection sampler.

For further information, orders and other details, please contact us

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