GC Fuji IX GP set 1-1


Glass ionomer for direct restorations

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Features and benefits:

- The natural properties of glass ionomer in combination with ease of use make Fuji IX GP (FAST) meet all the requirements of modern restoration materials. Condensable, easy to use, highly abrasion resistant glass ionomer for the posterior area.

- No dam required

- Intrinsic adhesion to enamel and dentin, without requiring demineralisation and bonding agents

- No retentive cavity preparation required, allowing conservative preparation techniques

- Can be used with metal matrices for easy shaping in the cavity

- Good radiopacity, facilitating post-operative control

- Excellent bio-compatibility, shorter curing time

- Higher hardness, for better resistance over time

Indications: Class I and II restorations, as a base or as a material for dental blunts/abutments reconstructions.

Presentation: set 1-1: 15g powder + 8g liquid A3 

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