Ketac Molar


Glasionomer cement for direct restoration

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KETAC-MOLAR is a hand-mixed glass ionomer cement. Taking into account its chemical adhesion to tooth enamel and dentin, easy cavity preparation and hermetic sealing at the margins are possible. The material can be applied without lining; it releases fluoride ions and is radiopaque. KETAC MOLAR is also suitable for minimally invasive cavities (MI = minimally invasive or ART = atraumatic technique).


- Basic fillings under composite restorations

- Reconstruction of bridges

- Temporary tooth fillings

- Definitive fillings on dental surfaces filled outside occlusal areas or prone to abrasion

- Coronal fillings where aesthetics are not predominant

- Temporary fillings on one or more tooth surfaces

- Minimally invasive cavity procedures / application of atraumatic technique

- Restorations on baby teeth

- Single-layer restorations on surfaces that do not include occlusal surfaces

- Semi-permanent restorations with one or more layers of material

- Class III and V semi-permanent restorations

- Crack sealing


Presentation: 15g powder 10ml liquid

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