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Icon Vestibular Starter Kit


Infiltration treatment without any pain or white stains 

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Arrests the progression of early stages interproximal caries

Minimally invasive solution for difficult-to-reach proximal lesions

No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue

Prolongs the life expectancy of the tooth

No drilling or anaesthesia required

One patient visit

 Caries, or early tooth decay, often start in the interdental spaces between teeth because they are difficult for toothbrushes to reach. These areas are difficult for the dentist to treat, too. Once it reaches a certain stage, drilling is needed, and healthy tooth substance is always destroyed in the process.

 If interproximal caries are detected ahead of time, Icon is the less invasive solution.

 Young adults have an especially high risk of lesions in the spaces between their teeth. Icon proximal allows these lesions to be treated early and microinvasive, before it is too late and the advancing caries makes an invasive intervention necessary

1. ICON ETCH: Prepare the surface

Apply the HCl-Gel to the affected area with our special applicator tip, removing the pseudo-intact surface layer. Once this layer has been removed, the infiltrant can penetrate into the pore system of the tooth.


The lesion is dried with Icon Dry (ethanol) and air to offer a protective final coat.


The low viscosity infiltrant is applied and penetrates deep into the enamel through capillary action. It is then light-cured for 40 seconds each, on all sides. The infiltrated lesion has similar mechanical and visual properties to healthy enamel.


Make use of bitewing x-rays for early diagnosis of proximal lesions. Check the necessity of x-ray images in advance, for example through the use of fiber-optic transillumination devices.

Icon is not radiopaque. Certain filler materials are necessary to make it radiopaque, which negatively affect the infiltrant’s flow properties, and therefore its penetrative ability. In order to document the procedure properly, the patient card included in every package should be marked and filed appropriately.

It is best to proceed slowly with the tooth separation, a bit like stretching out a muscle. The tissue has to respond to the increase in pressure. Insert the wedge between the teeth until you feel resistance. Hold the wedge in position for several seconds. Softly push the wedge further until the widest part of the wedge creates enough separation between the teeth. Alternatively, orthodontic rubber rings (separating rubber) can also be used for separation. These should be placed one hour to one day before the infiltration treatment.

Sufficiently drying the area is critical and easily achieved within seconds with the DMG MiniDam. The silicone protection can be quickly applied by just one person and stabilizes itself – without clamps.

Icon vestibular:

1 syringe - 0.45 ml Icon-Etch

1 syringe - 0.45 ml Icon-Dry

1 syringe - 0.45 ml Icon-Infiltrant

6 interproximal or vestibular applicators 

1 Luerlock applicator

One kit is enougb for white stain removal on 2-3 teeth

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