LuxaForm set bulk -12 tablets


Thermo-formable tablets for the scutan technique

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The LuxaForm tablets do not require mixing. Instead, they are heated in hot water and applied to the teeth to take an impression.

This makes them the simplest and most time-saving thermoplastic bite registration material for fabricating temporaries.

LuxaForm is an easy-to-use thermoplastic polymer for impressioning (shielding technique). Basically, by inserting it in hot water it becomes malleable and can be adapted to the shape of the prosthetic field, easily turning into a mini individual tongue.

LuxaForm is the ideal solution for patients with a small mouth opening or a very strong swallowing reflex or for the preparation of posterior teeth.

Another benefit: LuxaForm is odourless.

LuxaForm ensures quick impression-taking for fabricating temporaries. The tablets are simply warmed in warm water and formed around the teeth to be restored.

Presentation: set bulk -12 tablets 

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