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OptiDam anterior Intro Kit


3D preformed dam sheets (product code: 5203)

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OptiDam is the first film with a 3D and anatomically shaped design.

OptiDam fits perfectly to the contours of the mouth, and thus increases the access area in the oral cavity. This specific combination of 3D design and anatomical shape results in easier application of clamps and reduces the risk of them coming off.

OptiDam is available in two versions - anterior and posterior - to cover all your needs.

OptiDam requires less preparation work than conventional dam sheets; no marking and drilling of holes is required as the protrusions are easy to cut out.

The unique 3D dam, combined with its anatomical shape, guarantees stress relief which facilitates pre-assembly and immediate installation. Kerr OptiDam™ ensures patient comfort.


- Creates a dry and clean operating field to allow safe dental procedures

- isolates soft tissue for perfect accessibility; patient's tongue does not need to be immobilised. In addition, your patient's cheeks, lips and gums will be protected.

- Ensures an uncontaminated area. Moisture-sensitive materials can be used correctly and the working area is kept completely dry

- offers optimal protection for both patient and clinical practitioner.

Patients are protected against aspiration or ingestion of foreign objects. For you and your staff, OptiDam limits the risk of infection from saliva and blood particles in the air.

Presentation: 10 sheets + frame

Packaging: bulk

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