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Digital scanners for models 

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Opera 3DS powered by DentalWings - entry level scanner for plaster models 

Delivered with: CAD software, DWOS pre-installed. File export - in STL format, open, can be used together with a variety of CAM milling cutter machines on the market. Sky is the limit!

Opera 3DS is delivered with basic software modules and the most popular ones for daily practice: Crown & Bridge and Implanting Abutments 

Crown & Bridge from DWOS is a complex module which allows the user to quickly make: crowns, bridges, monolithical and fullcontour crowns and bridges, veneers, inlay, onlay, temporary implants, dental posts, DCR, RCR, special retention systems for prostheses on bones (attachments), telescoped bridges, super-pressed, vestibular inlays with retentions, crowns 3/4, etc

Opera 3DS - maximal flexibility for labs that want to embrace CAD-CAM technology in their own rythm, keeping in the same time, minimal level costs.  CAD DWOS complementary software modules can be installed according to necessities: prosthetics on implants - full module, movable temporary prosthetics, virtual model builder, moveable full prosthetics, orthodontic archiving, bite splints, coDiagnostiX guided surgery 

Optimal scanning technology:

Scannerul 3DS - compact, equipped with cutting edge laser technology for scanning  

Equipped with a PC with a 64 de bites processor and a high speed measuring camera, conducts high quality fast scannings  of arcade models and wax-ups for a maximal volume of 90 x 90 x 90 mm.



- High precision model scanning (wax-ups included)

- PC incorporated with a 64 bites processor 

- High productivity during scanning and CAD design programs - simultaneous CAD scanning and modeling 

- High scanning capacity : 12 abutments in 10 minutes

- Simultaneous design of opposed arcades + DWOS Connect Program - for easy communication between the practice-lab and collaborators 


Technical details :

- Laser light source, 1 class 

- 1 fast measuring camera (for measurements)

- 1 colour video camera 

- Maximal scanned volume: 90x90x90 mm

- 3 axes (2 rotatives axes, 1 translative axe)

- Exported files' format: STL and other formats sustained by DW partners 

- Scanned materials: gypsum, wax, scannable dental impression materials (inlay/posts)

- PC in scanner with Core i5 processor, 8GB memory RAM +  1GB display

- Windows 7, 64 bits, 250GB SSD

- Compact size : 34.5 x 33 x 44.5 cm

- Weight: 15 kg


Producer: Opera powered by DentalWings

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