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Wireless device for cavity diagnosis

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DIAGNOdent Pen  is the most advanced and recent KaVo device used to diagnose pathological modifications in the dental structure. 

Useful for cavity diagnoses, including early on cavities, hidden cavities, or harder to detect cavities by other means of diagnosis.

DIAGNOdent measures dental tissue fluorescence through means of a laser. 

This ground-breaking technology  655 nm helps detect uncavitated cavities, from cracks and fissures, but also the ones on smooth teeth surfaces even early on cavities. 

Clinical trials have proven the high accuracy of this device, and the reproducibility of the results.

Carried out measurements alongside conventional diagnosis methods, help choose the right treatment method: monitoring the evolution of the respective area, preventive treatment or minimally invasive reconstruction.

DIAGNOdent Pen detects cavities from fossae, smooth surfaces, as well as proximal cavities, and plaque from periodontal areas. 

Results are displayed on screen and can be easily read and interpreted. 

+ Space-saving- 210mm in length

+ Wireless, it ensures mobility and manipulation 

+ Easy to use 

+ Precise detection of caries affected tissue: 90% success rate!

The  DIAGNOdent display uses infrared signals, and its values are displayed at the same time on the handpiece and on the display.

The display can also be used as a holder for the handpiece, when it is not used.

Setul DIAGNOdent Pen contains: handpiece, case for probe sterilisation, battery, calibration set, fissure probe, proximal probe.

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