Leica M320 High End Dental microscope

Dental microscope 

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Specially designed for your specialty 

High quaility optics, enhanced zooming capacities and a 5500K - 6500K temperature LED lighting, all combined within a user-friendly design. The Leica M320 microscope is now the answer to a wide array of demands concerning dental medical fields of expertise.




Shadowless lighting, even within more profound cavities:

- Easily locating additional root canals 

- proper viewing of complex tissue structures 

- precise managing of blockages or any perforation within root canals 

- a controlled obturation of the root whilst aided by micro-surgical mirrors, renders visible even the deepest cavities around the molar area.


Restorative dentistry

The attributes of M320 can help you with: 

- inserting restaurative materials and adequate finishings

- diagnosing incipient lesions caused by cavities 

- distinguish with clarity between healthy and decayed tissues under the gums

- identifying cracks and fissures of the dentine, enamels and fillings 


Prosthodontics and Esthetics 

The attributes of the M320 microscope can help you with :

- Preparing the teeth for dental crowns and bridgework

- Avoiding adjacent tissue (de ex. gums or mucous membrane)

- Rigourous checking of dental impressions for a precise preparation of dental prostheses 

- Exact evaluation of adaptability and adhesion of bridges and crowns


Periodontics and Implantology 

The attributes of the M320 microscope can help you with:

- An exact examination of the surgical area 

- An easy control over the tissue +

- Controlled management of the soft and bone tissue 

- Precise suture of the tissue involves a reduced trauma of the tissue in question

- Can facilitate usage of micro-suture techniques for closing primary wounds, which can lead to an improvement of clinical results


Realistic colours, bright images 

-  2 LED containing a temperature close in heat to that of daylight, bright colours, to help easily differentiate between anatomical structures 

- Long duration, aprox. 60.000 hours, minimal costs 

- Light source integrated in the optical fibre support, for a longer light intensity


Clear viewing 

- High resolution which offers an impressive level of detail clarity

- Premium quality apochromatic optics, with LED light offers a better view even in more profound cavities 

- Wide array of lenses, including the Leica M320 MultiFoc lens for an efficient adjusting of distance


Work according to your own rythm

- orange filter(530nm) which is integrated, prevents premature  photopolymerization of composites  


Minimal workflow interruption 

- The adjustment button for the zooming level in 5 steps, allows a quick setting of the real zooming level for a minimal workflow interruption

- Zooming steps : 6.4, 10, 16, 25, 40x


Binoculars with a variable positioning between 0-180°

- adjustable to your own needs 

- improves work flexibility and the ergonomics 


ErgonOptic Dent

- an accessory for an extension of the binocular's position, with a rotating ring, which allows a 45 degree microscope rotation left to right, all the while the binoculars remaining vertically, perpendicularly on the floor 



Leica M320 is robust while also being light weight and is easy to handle, reducing any potential effort provoked by difficult, hard movements. Its quick and swift positioning alongside a very rapid stability, insures that any workflow discontinuation is reduced to a minimum, in order to maintain a higher efficiency.

- integrated cables for handling and a lengthened life duration 

- robust but easy to adjust for a precise positioning 

- bearings for vibration minimization and quick stabilisation

- ErgonOptic Dent allows for an easy rotation of the binoculars in the wished position

Fulfills your hygiene standards 

In a surgical environment, a high level of hygiene is demanded. The surface of Leica M320 is designed for an easy cleaning and is also protected by an antibacterial layer which reduces contamination.


The Leica AgProtect nano silver (Ag) antibacterial layer reduces pathogenic agents on the microscope's surface


Jointless, inside cables, for an easy cleaning.


Handles can be removed and sanitized

Leica M320 HighEnd Package:

Package contains :

- Mobile microscope holder, with wheels

- Optic holder with an articulated pole (tilted or perpendicular)

- Full HD&Foto video camera (remote control included)

- Hygienic handle set- SD memory card

- Binoculars with variable positions 0-180°

- 2 oculars 12,5x

- Real time zooming levels between 3.2x si 20x

- 5 levels of zooming 

- Protection case 

- LED lighting system (2 LEDs)

- Filters included: Orange and Spot - ErgonOptic Dent



MultiFoc Lens - adjustment features for distance and focalisation, quick and easy, just by turning a button! Focal distance is adjustable between 200 and 300mm, without changing the microscope's positioning, for a more ergonomic position.

Leica-M320-MultiFoc.jpg microscop_stomatologie_leica.jpg

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