USB hygienic medical keyboard


specially designed keyboard for usage in medical facilities 

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A successful hygienic keyboard must be designed so that cleaning and sanitizing its surface lasts for a longer time period and any seeping of liquid in any given functioning areas be prevented.

Tactile Feedback

The Pure Keys medical keyboard combines a flat surface with tactile writing of an usual computer keyboard.

Audible Feedback

Silicone based material does not generate any feedback when touched, however it is generated by sound. Each and every touch is confirmed audibly by a sound. Volume can either be turned off or adjusted. 

Easy to clean 

The flat surface is made from high quality silicone and can be cleaned with any available medical disinfectant.


USB connection

Besides the wireless connection, the keyboard can be connected to your computer by USB cable.

Water-proof and dust-repellent 

Water and dust cannot affect or damage the Pure Keys keyboard.



+ Colour: white

+ Plug&Play: installing a driver is not necessary 

+ Easy to clean / sanitize 

+ Dust-repellent and water-proof 

+ Ergonomic 

+ 2 year warranty

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