Purevac HVE suction tube with built-in mirror


suction tube with built-in mirror

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High-volume suction tube (often called surgical suction) with built-in mirror (and not just any mirror, but a high-quality, rhodium-plated mirror)

This special tube is used with one hand to aspirate liquids and various debris, while facilitating tissue removal, visibility and illumination during procedures.

+ Ergonomics

+ Increased visibility

+ 135% more fluid suction than a low-volume saliva suction device

+ Aerosol reduction - removes up to 90% of aerosols during ultrasonic scaling compared to a low-volume saliva suctioner

+ Reduced noise - 14% less noise than a standard HVE suction cleaner, 5% less noise than a low volume saliva suction cleaner

+ The rhodium-plated mirror is anti-fog treated and provides visibility and illumination in the treatment area.

+ Smooth, rounded mouthpiece design helps retract the oral mucosa, comfortable for the patient.

+ Autoclavable for approximately 100 cycles.

Built-in mirror is FS Rhodium type. FS is short for Front Surface. Advantages are: it gives a clearer and brighter image than a regular mirror. Front Surface means that the image is formed on the surface of the mirror, not behind the glass, so distortion is minimal and accuracy is increased.



1 piece x Purevac HVE tube with built-in rhodium mirror

(tube connects to 16mm surgical suction hose)

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