Vitique Cement Kit


Resin based cement for ceramic-based restorations 

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Complete system for veneer cementation

Outstanding shade reproduction and shade selection

Exact shade match between try-in and cement

Remove excess material with ease

High color stability

Practical veneer tip

Flexible shade selection.

The system delivers the full range of shades, enabling you to offer each of your patients the ideal esthetic solution.

The Veneer Cementation Kit comprises a standard range of three shades: A2.5, B1 and transparent. Refills enable the range to be expanded by up to five additional shades: A1, A4, Bleach Light, Pink and White.

Precise Preview for outstanding results.

The Vitique Cementation Kit contains try-in pastes to match each individual shade. Consistently reflecting the shade of the veneer and facilitating the natural transparency of the tooth is the goal of Vitique.  DMG America has perfected an exact color match between Vitique’s Try-In Pastes and the corresponding cements thus ensuring a precise preview of the final case.

The TECO Total-Etch bonding system

The bonding system contained in the Accessory Kit is DMG's TECO Total-Etch; a single bottle system that provides excellent bond strength and helps to ensure reliable veneer cementation.

Practical veneer-tip

The special veneer tip has been developed to assist in delivering the ideal amount of cement onto the veneer. It can be used to evenly apply a flat strip of cement, both conveniently and quickly

Remove excess material with ease

The optimum flow characteristics make for uncomplicated placement of the thinnest veneer. Vitique’s advanced formula allows for effortless clean up. The perfectly adjusted gel-phase (after tacking) provides an easy, fast and clean removal of excess cement.


Clinical cases:

Case 1


Case 2




- 3 syringes x 6g ESTHETIC RESIN CEMENT

Shades : A2.5, B1, TR

- 3 syringes x 3.9g TRY-IN PASTE

Shades : A2.5, B1, TR

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