Permacem Dual 25ml


Universal compomer based cement, dual cure.

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Universal use


Long-term fluoride release

Excellent margin fit


PermaCem is a universal cement in every aspect.

Thanks to DMG's composite technology, the advantages of glass ionomers and composite resins are combined in one material.

Thanks to the innovative Automix and Smartmix application systems, PermaCem is automatically extruded and mixed for direct application.

PermaCem is easy to handle and safe.


- reduced cure time due to photo cure

- universal use

- also suitable for all-ceramic restorations

- combines the advantages of glasionomers and composites

- continuous fluoride release

- insoluble in wet media

- low cement layer thickness allows perfect adaptation

Automatic mixing:

- Always perfect dosage, never under or over dosed

- automatic mixing

- consistent quality material

- direct application

- fast and clean

- no risk of cross-contamination


- indicated for cementing restorations of any dental material: metal, composite, ceramic

- indicated for cementing any prosthetic work: crowns, bridges, telescopes, inlays, onlays, veneers

- any technique: adhesive or friction

- auto or dual cure- application from syringe (SmartMix) or cartridge (AutoMix)

Compomer technology:

- preserves the characteristics of the glass ionomers

- biocompatible

- long-term fluoride release

- helps to prevent secondary caries

- composite resin strength

- durable restorations

- insoluble


- thin cement layer = perfect adaptation

- optimized curing time

- easy removal of excess 

- curing without heat

- the dental pulp goes without being irritated 

Compatible with the DMG 25 1:1 Applicator Gun. 

Presentation: 52g Automix cannulas + 35 application tips 

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