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TheraCem Ca 8g syringe


Universal self-adhesive resin cement with dual-cure and continuous calcium release

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TheraCem Ca is a self-adhesive, dual-setting, calcium-releasing resin cement indicated for cementing crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and posts (metal/non-metal/glass fibre/quartz/carbon precast). Offering strong adhesion to zirconia and most substrates, while providing easy cleaning and high radio-opacity, TheraCem CA offers the clinician a safe and durable cementation of indirect restorations.


Unique advantages:

- Continuous calcium release

- Excess is easily removed due to the intermediate gel consistency

- Transition from acidic to alkaline pH within minutes contributing to the development of a bacteriostatic and bactericidal environment

- High radio-opacity

- A high degree of conversion ensures higher physical resistance

- Easy to identify on X-rays for fast and efficient diagnosis

- Optimal consistency and easy application due to the form of presentation: paste-paste in syringe with self-mixing cannulae



Award-winning product

Clinical significance:

Provides strong adhesion with Zirconia and most substrates without opacifiers or acid etching

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Presentation: 1 syringe 8 g + 15 tips

Available in opaque natural white

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