OptiDisc Kit Kerr


Finishing and polishing discs

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The set contains:

240 discs

5 chucks

1 Optishine brush


The Optidisc finishing and polishing system gives restorations a final polish similar to that of natural teeth. It is the perfect combination of discs with different grit sizes for contouring, finishing and polishing composite, glass ionomer cement, amalgam, precious and semi-precious metals.



- Transparent: offers very good visibility in the working area

- high flexibility, due to small thickness of the disc

- resistance: the polyester disc is impregnated with aluminium oxide particles

- precision: the patented chuck retention system ensures precise handling and protection of adjacent teeth, preventing scratches and soft tissue damage.

- Abrasive coating: the uncoated cutting edges of the abrasive particles provide high efficiency right from the start.

- Colour coding for each granulation helps easy recognition of granulation and clinical stage.

brown - contour - extra-hard 80µm

red - finishing - hard/medium 40µm

orange - polishing - fine 20µm

yellow - polishing with high gloss surface - extra-fine 10µm

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