Lime-Lite Enhanced 1.2ml bulk syringe


Light-curing calcium hydroxide - liner for cavity base

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NEW!!! Pulpdent's well-known Lime-Lite material is now improved!!!


Lime-Lite Enhanced contains a new formula, which is more tolerant of moisture, thus allowing better adhesion to dentin.

In addition, it has shock-absorbing properties.

Contains no Bisphenol A, Bis-GMA or BPA derivatives Handling, application and clinical indications of this enhanced version are the same as the original product. Lime-Lite Enhanced is a light-curing, fluoride-releasing, radio-opaque, cavity base material compatible with materials requiring adhesive techniques and conventional materials.


It contains calcium hydroxide in a urethane dimethacrylate resin.


Provides chemical adhesion to primers, adhesives and other composite resins.


Adhesion to dentin is micromechanical.





- No post-operative sensitivity

- Better adhesion to dentin

- Durability: increased compression resistance and wear resistance

- Shock absorbing - eliminates risk of fracture

- Releases calcium, hydroxyl, fluoride and phosphate ions


These ions have beneficial effects on the tooth structure in terms of stimulating the secondary formation of dentin Lime-Lite Enhanced is hard after setting and is virtually insoluble in water or oral fluids.


Presentation: 1.2ml syringe

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