TheraCal LC 1g bulk syringe


Light-curing calcium silicate paste for direct and indirect dental capping; base under fillings

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TheraCal LC is a resin-modified, light-curing calcium silicate fluid paste used for direct and indirect dental cappings, as a liner or base for fillings. It can be used as an alternative to calcium hydroxide, glasionomers or other base materials.

Due to its precise application, TheraCal LC can be used in all deep cavities. The unique formula ensures the combination of two essential characteristics: "on demand" cure and easy application, a consequence of its thixotropic properties (the material stays where it is applied, it does not "leak").

In addition, containing a hydrophilic resin, the material is stable and durable.


- hydrophilic

- Releases calcium stimulating the formation of hydroxyapatite and secondary dentin; creates a protective seal


Released calcium quantity (ppm) (n=10)


- Alkaline pH accelerates healing; antibacterial role (bacteriostatic and bactericidal)

- Protects and isolates the pulp, indicated for direct and indirect styling

- Has increased radiopacity

- Has a role in dentin formation, as it has the property of inducing the formation of apatite. Photos taken every 3 months


- Does not dissolve over time, not soluble

- Provides a protective barrier against demineralising agents and other irritating materials used in dental restorations.

- Applied directly from the syringe without the use of any instrument TheraCal LC - Scientific studies published to date


Presentation: 1g syringe




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