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TheraCal PT 4g syringe


calcium silicate paste with dual cure used for obturations after pulpotomy

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TheraCal PT is a biocompatible, fluid, dual-cure, resin-modified, calcium silicate paste used to treat exposed dentin following pulpotomy. It maintains the vitality of the tooth, acting as a protective barrier for the dentin-pulp complex.


The property of releasing calcium ions and the ability to generate an alkaline pH make TheraCal PT an ideal material to be used as a base in deep cavities.


It is a dual cure material, so the restorative product can be placed immediately.


Main clinical indications:


- Pulpotomies: TheraCal PT can be used after partial or total pulpal crown amputation.


TheraCal PT can also be used in:


- direct dental capping - can be applied directly to the exposed pulp after haemostasis has been obtained


- indirect restorations - as a protective liner or as a base for fillings


1. Calcium release: the secret of the material's chemical formula consists of calcium silicate particles in a hydrophilic matrix, which facilitates the release of calcium ions.

2. Resilience: The physical properties of TheraCal PT give it strength for a durable seal.


3. Alkaline pH maintains pulp vitality (where applicable); in addition, it speeds healing and creates a bacteriostatic environment


4. Tolerance to wet environment: it is a hydrophilic material, insoluble in water


5. Simple application: unlike traditional MTA materials, Theracal PT is not mixed by hand, but is applied directly from a double syringe, without the need for another instrument. 


6. Radiopacity: TheraCal PT is easily identifiable in X-rays


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