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TheraBase 8g


cavity base / self-adhesive liner with calcium and fluoride release

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TheraBase is a dual cure, self-adhesive base/liner.


Using THERA technology, TheraBase chemically bonds to tooth structure and releases calcium and fluoride ions.


The release of calcium generates an alkaline pH, which protects the vitality of the dental pulp.


It is a dual-cure material that will polymerise even in deep cavities where the camera cannot reach.


TheraBase is stronger and more durable than other cavity base materials such as glasionomers and resin-modified glasionomers. 


In addition, it is radio-opaque, for good identification in X-rays for fast and efficient diagnosis.


1. Continuously releases calcium and fluoride ions


2. It is self-adhesive - does not require the use of a bonding agent - saving time and money


3. High flexural resistance - reduces the risk of fracture of the restoration


4. High compression resistance - absorbs shock and pressure of occlusal forces


5. Contains patented MDP monomer, which ensures optimal and reliable adhesion to dentin


6. It is easy to use - the paste is placed directly from the automix double syringe, which ensures uniform mixing and precise application without loss of material


7. Generates an alkaline pH (pH=11) quickly, starting from the first minutes of use, which maintains the vitality of the pulp; in addition, it accelerates healing


8. It has dual cure, so that the material fully cures even in deep cavities where lamp light cannot reach.


9. It is radio-opaque, easily identifiable in X-rays

 BISCO has created a hydrophilic matrix, which enables ion exchange. Previous or traditional resin matrices are hydrophobic, but BISCO's matrix allows for ion exchange as water enters the matrix; a chemical reaction takes place, releasing calcium hydroxide and fluoride ions. At the calcium-rich interface between TheraBase and dentin, an alkaline pH environment (=11) is created.


In deep cavities and when the pulp becomes exposed, BISCO recommends the use of TheraCal LC for direct and indirect build-up and as a liner.


TheraBase and TheraCal LC can be used together in the sandwich technique, to optimally benefit from the advantages of calcium and fluoride ion release.

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