UltraSeal XT hydro Sealant for fissures bulk 1.2ml syringe


hydrophilic sealant for dental pits and fissures

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UltraSeal XT hydro is the latest and best member of the UltraSeal XT "family".


Its hydrophilic chemical properties eliminate the need to use a primer, such as PrimaDry, to prepare and dry the drains and sutures, so both doctor and patient will save time.

Light-curing fluid composite used for sealing: dental fissures, pits, and in small and medium fillings positioned in areas of minimal occlusal stress.

It is also indicated as a light-curing base filling for deep fillings. The large volume of filler (58%) gives increased stability, greater abrasion resistance.



-Chemical properties ensuring hydrophilicity - simplified procedures without affecting quality.

- Advanced adhesive technology, which eliminates the risk of microleakage

- NEW: fluorescence - allows the clinician to observe the integrity of the sealant layer during post-application visits

- thixotropic

- low shrinkage

- radio-opaque

- with fluoride release

- allows the resin to be placed with great accuracy in the desired location

Available shades: Opaque white Refill

Presentation: 1.2ml syringe

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