KATANA Cleaner refill 4ml


Cleaning agent for all restorations (intra- and extra-oral use)

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KATANA Cleaner has a high cleaning power due to the effect of the MDP monomer on surfaces. Unlike other products for decontamination of restorations, Katana Cleaner has a pH of 4.5, which allows both extraoral and intraoral use. It is the easiest way to optimise adhesion in the cementation process.


Another aspect that makes KATANA Cleaner stand out is that the procedure is simple and fast: application takes about 10 seconds!

Wide range of indications:




Cavities, prosthetic bridges, root canals




Ceramics - Zirconium, lithium disilicate, dental ceramics.


Resin based materials - CAD/CAM crowns, composite resins


Metals - Precious and non-precious alloys


Posts - Fiberglass posts, metal posts

How does it work ?

Presentation: 4 ml refill bottle

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