TempCanal Enhanced bulk 1.2ml paste


Calcium hydroxide paste for temporary root canal treatment

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Supplied with 27 gauge x 25 mm diameter endodontic irrigation applicator needles with double side slot for controlled application and even coverage of the canal walls, and with rounded, closed tip to prevent overfilling.


TempCanal Enhanced has a pH > 12 and offers all the benefits of calcium hydroxide in root canal treatment


- For routine use as an intracanal dressing between office visits


- For complicated cases involving traumatic injuries and other cases requiring extensive indirect calcium hydroxide treatment


Routine treatment between office visits


- pH>12 cleans the canal, prevents painful flare-up inflammation


- safe and risk-free material


Treatment for complicated cases


- Promotes periapical healing


- Treats periapical lesions, abscesses, traumatic injuries, root resorption, root perforations and canals with suppuration


- Stimulates apexification and apexogenesis


Preferred application system


- Ideal consistency paste - will not clog 27 gauge needles


- Non-drying paste - long working time


- No sticking - easy to remove with needles and irrigation


- Standard self-locking syringe - can be used with one hand

Presentation: bulk syringe 1.2 ml + 5 needles

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