Luxatemp Fluorescence 76g cartridge


Material for long lasting, temporary crowns and bridges

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Luxatemp Fluorescence 76g cartridge
Colour: A1
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Luxatemp Fluorescence 76g cartridge
Colour: A2
110586 554.41 RON
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Try the new and improved - Luxatemp Star !

LuxaTemp Fluorescence has the same characteristics of the classic material, but now it provides an improved aesthetic. Fluorescence allows temporary restorations to look the same as natural teeth, regardless of the light to which they are exposed.


Indicated for temporary restorations: crowns, bridges, inlay, onlay, facets.


- exceptional marginal closure

- high abrasion resistance

- high resistance to breaking/high breaking point

- low contraction after setting

- biocompatible

- does not irritate the dental pulp due to the low setting temperature ( below 42 C )

- direct application in the impression (scutan method )

- stable color due to reduced water absorption

- smooth surface


Presentation: cartridge 76g, 15 Automix tips

Shades: A1, A2

Compatible with applicator gun 50 10: 1.

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