CZR Luster Complete kit 190g


Noritake ceramics, for zirconium - opalescent porcelain kit (Luster)

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Opalescent porcelain (Luster) reproduces the characteristics of natural tooth enamel both in surface texture and colour. Due to its very fine particles (nanometre size), opalescent porcelain:

>> reproduces the fine surface of dental enamel, protecting the antagonists against abrasion, and giving a natural lustre

>> achieves a selective reflection and refraction of light, resulting in an opalescent effect found in natural teeth

>> the colours are vivid, transparent and bright, thus avoiding darkening of the incisal edges or occlusal surface

Noritake opalescent porcelain reproduces the shades and features found in natural teeth, providing colours that respect the features of natural teeth at different ages

Contains: Opalescent porcelain (19 x 10g): LTx, LT0, LT1, LT Super Luster, ELT1, ELT2, ELT3, LT Natural, 

LT Super Gray, LT Blue, LT Royal Blue, Aqua Blue1, Aquq Blue2, 

LT Yellow, Incisal Halo, Sun Bright, LT Coral, Creamy Enamel, Creamy White

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