CZR FC Paste Stain Kit (85g)


External stains and glazes (pastes) for the conditioning of full-contour zirconium restorations (monolithic)

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New external stains and paste glazes from Noritake! Ideal for quick and easy marking of full-contour zirconium restorations (monolithic) and more.

CZR FC Paste Stain & Glaze can be successfully applied on the following types of restorations: full-contour zirconium (monolithic), zirconium ceramic (Noritake CZR), pressed ceramic (Noritake CZR Press), ceramic on metal (Noritake EX-3), lithium disilicate. Not recommended for unsupported integral feldspathic ceramics (e.g. Noritake EX-3 on refractory blunt).

27 shades available for the most demanding aesthetic requirements and quick and easy marking of restorations:

nuante-czr-fc-paste-stain-kit.png harta colorare czr fc paste stain.jpg

Expressive marking of the incisal edge:


For viscosity and consistency adjustment we recommend the use of Noritake ES Liquid (external stain liquid/glaze).

Caution, do not put the liquid directly into the CZR FC Paste bottle.


All CZR FC Paste Stain have the following fluorescence:


The new glaze shades (paste) have a high transparency:

transparenta czr fc paste stain glaze.PNG

Follow the recommended firing schedules depending on the substrate you are applying to:

CZR FC Paste Stain/Glaze:

Program 1 - firing at 750 C - for full-contour zirconium (monolithic) and Noritake CZR Press ceramic.

Program 2 - firing at 910 C - for Noritake CZR zirconia ceramic

Program 3 - firing at 840 C - for zirconia ceramic Noritake CZR Press LF

Instructions in Romanian :  click here .

Instructions in English:click here.

Presentation: Kit: 5g Glaze, 5g Clear Glaze, 3g each shade CZR FC Paste Stain (Light Gray, Dark Gray, Grayish Blue, Blue, Cervical1, Cervical2, Cervical3, A+, B+, C+, D+, White, Mamelon Orange1, Mamelon Orange2, Earth Brown, Reddish Brown, Value, Black, Green1, Green2, Yellow, Salmon Pink, Pink, Red, Fluoro), ES Liquid, Colour guide, Instructions

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See here the refills  CZR FC Paste Stain refill

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