Noritake shade guide


 Noritake shade guide

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The Noritake shade guide has been specially designed to match perfectly with Noritake porcelain (EX-3, CERABIEN, TI-22). Finding the right colours will be easy.

1) Basic colour concept. Noritake porcelain contains less grey and more pink tones. This new system gives a "vivid" colour appearance, like natural teeth. The Noritake shade guide has been developed according to this principle. It is worth noting that no one colour (internal, external) was used in the creation of the shade guide - this is to facilitate the colour selection process.

2) Original Noritake shades. The guide has four original Noritake shades.

a) Intermediate shades (NP1,5; NP2,5) NP1,5: colour between A1 and A2 - corresponds to shades with a reddish tint. NP2,5: colour between A2 and A3 - corresponds to shades with a reddish tint.

b) These two shades are useful when the patient wants whiter teeth, or when a match with neighbouring whitened teeth is needed.

3) Other features for an easy and correct shade choice:

a) The shade designation is printed with non-reflecting pigment and is positioned close to the tooth on the key. Thus, the colour name fits easily into the frame when taking pictures.

b) The metal holder, although polished, does not reflect light.

c) The shade guide holder allows an easy search for the right colour, as colours of the same shade (A series, B series, etc.) are positioned on a common holder.

d) The angle between the tooth on the guide and its metal holder has been designed to avoid light reflection when placed parallel to the natural tooth.

e) The shape of the tooth in the shade guide is very simple to facilitate the choice of colour.


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