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Harmonize Advanced Kit 8 syringes


Universal nanohybrid composite with innovative Adaptive Response Technology

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Harmonize is a nanoparticle filler system that facilitates aesthetic restorations and uses Adaptive Response Technology.

Adaptive Response Tehnology also enables outstanding aesthetic results, outstanding harmonization ability and improved structural integrity, providing restorations with exceptional strength and unparalleled aesthetics.

Easier handling

Thanks to the unique combination of Adaptive Response Technology nanoparticles and the patented rheology modifier, anatomical modelling of the composite has become easier:

Adaptable viscosity during application, depending on the pressure applied with the instrument

Minimised adhesion, no leakage. No rework is required.

Dynamic viscosity

Harmonize adapts to the clinician's behaviour:

The unique rheological modifier improves flowability during sculpting, making the composite material easier to shape.

After completion of sculpting, vascularity increases, preventing material flow.

All this minimises the effort required to achieve the desired shape, reducing the time needed for shaping and finishing.

Spherical shape

The spherical shape of the filler nanoparticles is carefully controlled to maximise loading, minimise sticking and simplify shaping. This reduces the pullback effect and the risk of voids in the filling.


Excellent resistance

Enjoy durable restorations with Harmonize, thanks to the reinforced filling system created by the interaction of Adaptive Response Technology nanoparticles:

Increased strength due to higher filler loading (81% loading)

Better adhesion between resin and filler, ensuring durable performance


Reinforced structure of the filling material

Very small spherical particles of silicon and zirconium are bonded and fused into a hardened structure. This improves the interaction between the resin matrix and the filler, resulting in more efficient polymerisation and increased strength.

Therefore, you can count on stronger restorations; they are more likely to resist cracking and/or fracturing over time.

Proven mechanical strength


Aesthetics without equal

Achieve unparalleled aesthetics thanks to the size, special controlled shape and configuration of Adaptive Response Technology nanoparticles:

Light diffusion and reflection similar to human enamel

Enhanced chameleon effect for a perfect aesthetic


Light refraction in composite is like that in natural tooth

Like a natural human tooth and unlike other universal composite materials, Harmonize adapts to the wavelength of light, through diffuse refraction at shorter wavelengths and specular refraction at longer wavelengths.

Impeccable shine and long-lasting gloss

The particle size and structure allows for fast polishing, and when Opti1Sept polishes have been used they have proven to give better and more predictable results than the competition.

In addition, they are designed to maintain a superior gloss compared to other materials.  



Kit containing 8 syringes x 4g: Enamel A2, A3, Dentine A2, A3, A4, Amber Incisal, Clear, Grey

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