Clearfil Majesty ES-2 Classic Trial 1.2g syringe


Universal light-curing nano-hybrid composite for anterior and posterior aesthetic restorations

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Clearfil Majesty ES-2 Classic Trial 1.2g syringe
Colour: A2
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Clearfil Majesty ES-2 Classic Trial 1.2g syringe
Colour: A3
3017-EU 107 RON
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Translucent. Light scattering. Fluorescence. Opacity

A special concept:

- Classic shades

- for fast restorations

- Premium shades

- for restorations with superior aesthetics, obtained by layering: dentine + enamel - translucent shades



- filler 66% vol (78% of the mass)

- long shelf life: 4 years

- shades from the VITA range

- easy modelling

- chromatic stability: the shade is maintained even after setting

- working time - 4.5 minutes in normal ambient light

- excellent polishing properties

- only one shade is needed, does not require, like other composites, a complex layering with several shades

- radiopaque



- direct anterior and posterior restorations for all cavity classes

- direct veneers

- correction of tooth position and shape (e.g. diastema closures)

- intraoral repair of fractured restorations


The Light Diffusion technology of the Kuraray Clearfil Majesty ES-2 composite adjusts the brightness and colour saturation, making it possible to recreate the appearance of the natural tooth as faithfully as possible, including light effects in the enamel.

clearfil-majesty-es-luminozitate.jpg difuzia-luminii.jpg

Trial shades: Classic A2 si A3

Presentation: 1.2g (0.7ml) syringe

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