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All-Bond Universal 6ml


Dual-cure, 4th generation universal adhesive system, self-etching

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All-Bond Universal from Bisco is a TRULY UNIVERSAL adhesive system that is very easy to use.


It is self-etching, allows conditioning of dental surfaces (acid etching/demineralisation, primer, bonding) in one application, from one bottle.

All-Bond Universal is a state-of-the-art adhesive with ethanol as solvent; it is suitable for application on both dentin and enamel.

Unlike ALL other self-etching adhesives on the market (which come in a single bottle), All-Bond Universal is designed to work perfectly for direct and indirect restorations, to adhere to all indirect subtractions and is compatible with all light-curing, self and dual cure composite resins and cements.

No additional activator required !


All-Bond Universal offers performance, efficiency and safety in every application. As a self-etching adhesive, the risk of developing post-operative sensitivity is virtually zero. The layer thickness is very low, less than 10µm, an essential quality for use in indirect applications.


Very stable chemical formula.

No refrigeration required!

- All-Bond Universal contains MDP monomers that increase the strength and durability of the bond, while allowing adhesion to indirect restorations (to zirconia, alumina and metal).

- All-Bond Universal has a slightly acidic pH (pH > 3), which ensures compatibility with dual and self-etch restorative materials (composites and resin cements) to the same extent.

- All-Bond Universal flows easily on acid-etched surfaces and, after light curing, provides optimal chemical and mechanical sealing.

- All-Bond Universal is very easy to use.

- All-Bond Universal has a perfect chemical formula for any adhesive technique - self-etch, total-etch or selective-etch.


After light-curing, the All-Bond Universal layer is hydrophobic:


Adhesion resistance under different humidity conditions (MPa):


Adhesive interface durability in wet environments - m-TBS


Clinical cases: ALL-Bond Universal in self-etch technique

Clinical case by Dr. Jack D. Griffin Jr., DMD, MAGD, AAACD, ABAD


All-Bond Universal in total-etch technique

Clinical case by Dr. Tyler Lasseigne, DDS, CDT




Presentation: 6ml bottle

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